Group Tour Audio Problems Solved With Listen Talk Wireless Group Communication

Does your organization have a need for wireless group communications?

ListenTALK is a powerful wireless group communication tool created for challenging noise environments. Designed for personal and assistive listening, ListenTALK’s clear, crisp audio and sleek design has made its way to become the leader in group communication settings. No wires, no complicated setup, and no worries. Just simple, mobile, wireless group communication.

ListenTALK is the most advanced mobile communication product on the market. With the ListenTALK transceiver, leaders can clearly speak to group participants and allow them to respond with the push of a button.

Presenters, leaders, and guides need to communicate clearly without having to shout or whisper. Listening, fielding questions, and collaboration can be difficult in many environments. ListenTALK is designed to overcome these challenges and enrich group communication.

Accessories compliment every application by adding functionality and features to customize based on the needs of the environment. Listen offers an ear speaker with boom mic for quiet environments, one or two over the ear headset with boom mic for moderate environments, and fully enclosed, over the ear designed headset for noisy environments.

ListenTALK systems can be configured for one-way or two-way communication, small or large space, quiet or noisy.

Questions? Email or call Steve at MicsWireless for additional information.

Apr 29th 2019 Steve Alexander & Listen Technologies

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