Multi-Channel Systems

Multi-Channel Systems

Multi-channel systems saves rack space and combines all signals into one antenna set. Boundary systems from Audio-Technica are a good meeting, conference or board room solutions. Both NADY and AT have handheld, headworn, lavalier and instrument systems in multiple configurations. Call or email questions regarding custom configurations.

  • Nady U-2100 Dual Combo HM-GT 200-Channel UHF Wireless Lavilier Microphone and Instrument/Guitar System


    U-2100 LT-GT 200-Channel UHF Wireless System

    MSRP $279.99
    The U-1100 (single transmitter)/2100 (dual transmitter) is a selectable 100 channel UHF wireless system that is equally ideal for both speaking and singing applications and, because of the many features and competitive price, has become one of...